Dedicated experts with a proven record of success



Mariette Hoitink, founder of fashion recruitment & consultancy firm HTNK

Lucel van den Hoeven, owner of Modefabriek, Hollands #1 fashion trade event

Ludo Onnink, CEO of Denham the Jeanmaker and seasoned industry leader

Margot Span, Partner at Koster Advokaten, expert in IP and licensing law

James Veenhoff, Founding Partner at impact strategy firm Fronteer



The House of Denim Foundation is supported and advised by a hand-picked group of global industry visionaries with a strong variety of perspectives and experience, spanning the entire value chain from the Cotton Field to Retail.

Andrew Olah

Adriana Galijasevic

Adriano Goldschmied

Alberto Candiani

Alberto de Conti

Menno van Meurs

Sedef Uncu Aki

HOD Advisory Board.jpeg